Superhuman vs. Transhuman

What’s up with the title?


Within the context of integrating an eco-community and further along the lines of one of my previous articles: “getting to know them/oneselves” an essential question arises: what does the future behold or even better said:

What does your future behold and what shall you make of it right now?

Crisis ? “The singularity is near” manifesto book by author and futurist “Ray Kurzweil”… Classical economics theory doesn’t quite match up to the law of accelerating and increasing returns hailed by Ray and the transhumanist/m movement. In order to maintain the “knowledge is power” creed and shift the “social/economical crisis” paradigm the future looks ever increasingly “technological”; that being the premise for the coming 2045 singularity :


Watched the video? The first time I did, other than making my eyes pop out, I felt left with no other option than accepting this (self-fulfilling) prophecy as de facto. To my own knowledge, as regards to mainstream media there is not much to curb the vested interest enthusiasm for ‘’the law of increasing rate of returns” = as good as it gets.

Was something left out of the equation? (Do you really need to get chipped into this technological virtual reality future?)

Might it be about looking within, undercover fountain from which wisdom aroused… You… Making its way up into the provident oasis of life. Will a critical mass of awareness manage to tip the scale in favour of increased awareness? Unlimited access to nature’s resources taken for granted… Delusion of grandeur… The most sought after grant?

“Morphogenetic/morphic fields”, “Ganzfeld”, “Siddhis” sound (un)familiar? Feels like there are too many references to warrant the unverified claim? Though a once outcast breed of scientists have for a while said otherwise:

“Supernormal” book by author, professor and scientist researcher Dean Radin.


Professor Rupert Sheldrake lecturing about experimental evidence going towards proving the non locality of Mind :


This, dear readers, nails it for me: “Morphic resonance”. No information is ever lost but transformed and naturally strengthened over time :  

“The law of accelerating and increasing returns” is inherent to consciousness (that’s without needing any kind of chip implanted in your body)

Last but not least:

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (both Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake are involved or associated with the institute’s research projects)

Science or Consciousness… Divided !

Outward/Inward: Placing technology and machinery on an altar or the intrinsic qualities of Self found within each present moment? Some scientists as well as many a great yogi, seers, warriors and masters realized this same quality of awareness is to match the “extraordinary” abilities which are still commonly thought to be miraculous. After all it’s a choice, based on each one’s relationship with nature; Viewed either as:

A separate from Self “commodity” ?

Or at best a “Sacred Entity” reflecting one’s inner world ? (YES!!!)

So…Rolling of drums…

Before allowing any outward influence such as the transhumanist agenda to dictate my own life, I take a strong stance : that of constantly affirming my own intrinsic qualities, values and feelings first and foremost. Along with scientific concepts I use the values of healthy skepticism inherent to the scientific method of investigation combined with my daily practice of Yoga  to maintain and hone my Self (could turn out to be another practice for You reader).

It doesn’t come at all as a fight against outward influences, ultimately it comes through a constant practice of uniting one’s mind, body and spirit, challenging long held beliefs, embracing non-attachment, the transience of events, things, states of being and beings themselves.

Affirming, reconsidering and reaffirming the ethos of an eco-community

It comes as a foundational value for any eco-community to affirm their agreed upon values, reconsider and reaffirm them in the light of constant societal change and technological “progress”. Considering what was previously mentioned, this can be achieved in a holistic way I shall not define as “Superhuman” but something that goes with and beyond the Human plight of choices. That I shall name the Way… I constantly embrace in the here and now… I am.

Michael McGregor

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