The Yogi

“…Flexible ‘n’ gracious dancer ov’ bliss and harmony,
Dwelling within the subtle interplay ov’ Lila,
Enlightened scripts set the Word in tune with the World,
Poised, agile movements one after the other,
That of flow to the vibe ov’ harmony,
  Thoughts transient, a mind and body luminous!
Words integer, actions dutiful
Destined to delve within and reach lofty realms
In the heart of true nature, found Oneself to be,
Merged in space, felt in Heart,
I became who I was to be…
Right in a state ov’ in between… Found in me,
The One in Fire, Earth, wind and water
The One ov’ all hues in wheels ov’ light
The One… I am…” 

Michael “Yogic Heart flame” McGregor

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