A chimera

“…Who am I?…
A quixotic expression ov’ nature
Weird, contrived product ov’ a lurid fantasy
Left to wonder in this world ruled by tha power ov’ creation,
I feel as if no one could understand,
This condition… That of duality,
Hybrid, mad ‘n’ deliquescent visionary dream,
Grow wings on a Lion’s body,
Peek-a-boo in the night almighty,
A dog crawling to be a crocodile
A cat clad as a giraffe,
Gigantic whale head in a nonetheless elephant’s body
Ahahaha! Hihihihi! Hohohoho!
Have you ever seen anyone like me?
Awesome display ov’ peacock majesty,
Witness the chimera… Splendid!…” 

Michael “weirdo” McGregor

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