About me, yourself and H2o

Early rising morning makes for a “this project of mine” check-up:

When it comes to integrating a small community such as an ecovillage or any “alternative/eco” community for that sake, I have found that one comes to face their own limitations and contradictions mistakingly projected onto others or exaggerately attributed to external circumstances; below are listed the common, non-exhaustive, frailties inherent to the human condition(ning):

  • Dwelling on the past: Those fond memories… you know the ones of a mind-numbing “stuck in a cubicle” job.
  • Conspiracy theories: And their unassailable proofs against powers at play… Self-fulfilling prophecies of an untold human “power” plight (guilty before proven innocent makes you… Guilty of being innocent ?!)
  • Using your hands: Discovering an utter disability with all things relating to manual tasks.
  • Number two: An unparalleled Fear/Love of the brown stuff (aka: sh*t, poo, manure…etc…).
  • “Minding others”: Last but not least, the fellowship of who gets to ring that damn morning gathering bell…

But what about the author of this blog entry?

Isn’t self-inquiry paramount in defining the vision of one’s dream? Nightmares set aside make up for this parable:

Once upon a time my dual mind went:

Ego: Everyone I eventually get to know says I’m this or that… Sometimes before I even get the chance to make up a story about myself? Gosh, I dread this nonsense begging for repentance!

Mystical me: …Get to know yourself, before you get to be known as not being yourself…

Ego: What? How?!

Mystical me: …I dunno… Try looking underwater?!

Ego: Where them fish swim?

Mystical me: …Yes… And that’s within…

Ego: So I’m like to look inside of myself just as if I were a fancy aquarium full of peaceful fish at times and at other times full of a nasty sharks ?!

Mystical me: …You are smarter than what you think, but that’s good enough for now…Sigh…!”

So are your waters gray, pristine blue or ranging somewhere along the many shades in between? How may this affect you, others and… Well… Pretty much everything else :

The documentary “Water The Great Mystery” (youtube video posted below) aims to establish a clear connection between the following aspects:

Your Health: Could it be that since our bodies mostly contain water, in which the vast majority of our cells bathe, the alkanility of this same water would qualify as the common denominator for health ?

Your Mind: Apparently it all boils deep down to water: your memory, thoughts and consciousness: that very unique capacity to be aware of yourself/others.

Life itself: Our Earth seen as a living holistic entity in which water plays a vital/major role. How do we humans unconsciously interact with her?

I’ll leave you there for now, until then be like water my friends 🙂


Michael McGregor

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