As above so below

conscious poem

 “…An epic sonata of fire and ice echoes at far,
Swaying its way, riding strong the stellar winds,
In this ceremony of opposites I sense my halo shifting,
From dawn til’ dusk swirling grids of light magnify creation,
Revive primordial life, this presence felt in the Heart of Self,
To honour the very purpose of your existence and hear me now:
As above so below, ever so determined, I am this drive instilled,
To prevail and thrive in the celestial fire’s effulgence!…”


Michael McGregor

2 thoughts on “As above so below

  1. Suzanne Mc Gregor

    Although it was my first contact with you I congratulate you on this poem. I feel I'm right to ask you to be faithful to the same high level of inspiration.

    Signé: Reverend Belmiro, grand cousin de Jean-Pierre Santos

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