Conscious Poem

“…Calabi-Yau! Now has come the Solace of this single Life,
Roasted dew scented embers… Smells of flesh putrefied,
Tingling skin combustion send shivers down my spine,
The sour bitter taste of death I welcome with a blessing,
Blurred sights of devastation would lead to authentic bliss?
Kindle the soft crisp fire, resounds in the silent Ether,
Celebrating shadows dancing to this fine macabre rhyme,
The manifold quintessence of Spirit unfolds, Calabi Yau!…” 


Michael McGregor

2 thoughts on “Calabi-Yau

  1. Mika

    Well Roman,

    I do not know about yourself but rather than trying to provide an explanation or give approval to such acts, it useful to remember that when mentioning about them we are doing so from Life, a natural instinct. My own natural instinct was to want to delete your comment, however my intuition gave me a hint that there could be something else to consider: When embracing Life with purpose it becomes natural to manifest such purpose with actions towards the continuity of Life itself: Respect for Oneself reflected from Within. No one else could tell or show me that way other than Myself.

    Take care.

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