Corto Maltese (based on the fictional comic character)

 “…Jagged shores ov’ lost continents read in the palm ov’ my hands,
Sailed ‘cross the seven seas, bounty treasures ‘n’ fine lasses,
Poker jokers… Stack your maverick cards… Checkmate!
Under the midnight sun, smooth strides like a panther,
Smoke ‘n’ strike you in the after full moon,
Where slit-eyes foretell ov’ a rogue lion’s heart,
… Utopia is an end leading to a new beginning…
Belongs to no one and no thing but a mystery,
No thing and no one belongs to him,
Worn in elegance, nonchalance honours the eloquence ov’ being,
Beyond the horizon… To the traders, sailors ‘n’ paupers…
…To the One…
…So be I your devout servant in guise ov’ a mighty Emperor…” 

Michael McGregor

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