A Luminiferous Empress (A tribute to the “Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona)

“…In soaring Royal blue skies, a space opened to brush the contours,
… Of a luminiferous Empress…
Proceeding in a precession of the equinoxes,
A forest of pillars strives for the Heavens,
Zenith and Nadir met in Zephyr,
Dancing to the tempo of… Chiaroscuro!
Draped in stone a triad of Gods overhear footsteps,
Stumbling upon a labyrinthine mosaïque ov’ existence,
Orchestrated in pillars ‘n’ columns ov’ pineal symphony,
Erect in this arena ov’ hustle ‘n’ bustle,
…I remembered Earth as once a Paradise…” 
Michael McGregor (a.k.a: Michelangelo Gregorez)

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