MYST : An eco-village design theme

Dreaming plays the dream


How about looking into video games to find a theme to first design an eco-village and then manifest this dream into something tangible :

Dragon dreaming

Now many a video game have sparked and kindled generations of gamers lives and imagination… It comes as a dilemma to pick one out of the “gamestack”. Though there is just one, part of a series, that kept and keeps me mesmerized with its unique blend of mysticism and puzzle resolving adventures, the well named: “MYST”. Sacred geometry being the main theme relevant to design.

In The following link you’ll find a scene, along with several other ones, taken from “Riven” the sequel to “Myst” (set the video quality as high as you can, ambient Music is also worth listening to, so turn the sound up a bit) :


One Book begets one, two and three… Books:


Not the least to be mentioned are the three volumes published into one book (plus a few other publications worth checking out when viewing other items the same customers bought):

The Myst Reader

This hybrid of a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy, provides for an entertaining read into the classical trivia as well as struggles involved in power games between the different members of a community lead by an advanced race of hominoids named the “D’ni””.


Acting out the dream into its unfolding:


I’d see a permaculture expert coming up with a plan to set up a community on an island. The community would comprise many aspects related to the 12 permaculture principles mentioned here: Permaculture principles

As well as a community comprising:

  • Healers and mind/body/spirit aficionados (Yoga/Tai-chi/massage therapists/ Natural therapies and so on….)

  • Artists (tribal art/crafts/music/Alchemists and so on…)

  • Architects (main theme being sacred geometry / “Gaudi” like architecture)

  • Engineers (steam powered machinery, retro-futuristic design, look up for “steampunk”)

  • Scientists (from as many a diverse background as possible. I’d personally put an emphasis on the study of consciousness, so someone like “Nassim Haramein” or anyone from “The resonance project” could qualify for the job!)

  • Jesters/Fools (Russell Brand! Any other similar stand up comedian?)

  • Volunteers! (Never enough of them to help with this project!)


Financing the project:





  • Ponds (using the principles of Aquaponics)

  • Terraces to gain space and take advantage of gravity to feed back water with pumps? (Other possibilities/suggestions would be welcomed)

  • Lava Stone/adobe houses as used on volcanic islands (natural vents to cool down / heat up rooms. Lots of space for natural light too!)

  • Orchards, botanical gardens.

  • Water catchment devices

  • Compost toilets / Showers

  • An Observatory with a large telescope to explore Space and beyond


Producing energy with:

  • Solar panels

  • Wave kinetic energy machinery

  • Who knows: “Tesla coil” machinery harnessing the power of the surrounding electro magnetic field!

Yes why not dream with this last point…

Michael McGregor

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