:-) Ninja Gaijin wannabe ;-)

 “… Running swiftly through the forest,
Swish ‘n’ swoosh... Hardly a faint noise…
Delve deep as the roots of millennial ancestry,
Leaves swirl in a tornado symphony,
Hide behind them trunks… Batman! Ahahaha!
Pounce like a squirrel on your prey,
Prey… Prey… Pray for yet another night before the day!
Blend in against the moonlight shadow,
Piercing within the depths of a marshy lake,
Frogs sing in tune to soft steady ripples caressing the shores,
Smooth vibes, promise of a soothing lullaby,
Flap, Flap, Flap! There goes a dragonfly!
Sit and rest for a while, leaning against a rock,
Might you hear a distinct humming drum?
That of a nearby mountain felt in presence,
Ninja guy feels a little blue on the inside,
…Dagger in pouch…
Whiffs of a crispy melting sap!” 

Michael “Gaijin” McGregor

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